Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Me as Kermit at the office party

My Coworkers @ Avenue A Razorfish New York

Tobyjo Langmo as a splendid butterfly

My cubicle buddy Gary Barth as a hillbilly
Fairy wreath and handbag

Blurred by the motion on the L train heading from Brooklyn
to New York for some Halloween Party revelling.
Halloween in New York 2007

I went to a halloween party at the Reliquary museum of New York City artefacts in brooklyn.

Here's the window display in the museum - showcasing
Paul Pollard's collection of halloween memorabilia.

It's still on display in their window.

"The Reliquary is located at 370 Metropolitan Ave. at Havemeyer St. in the always frightening Williamsburg (L or G to Lorimer)."

Here was zombie betty crocker - aka Alisha who made some nice cup cakes and cookies.

Me as Moaning Myrtle

Lisa as a fairy!

Peta Protest in Midtown right around the Fur District

I was on my lunch break and I saw PETA protesters dragging around fur coats stained with fake blood.
It would be good to see more of these sorts of protests since Manhattan in winter time sees a lot of fur coats..the most I've ever seen outside of italy...