Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lehman Brothers Office in Midtown Last Night

I walked past the Lehman Brothers office last night and it was on fire last night @ w.50th street in manhattan, tv crews outside. Ok, it wasn't literally on fire but the monitors on the outside were showing some sort of volcanic eruption, not sure whether this was intentional or not. Perhaps they could save some money by switching off the monitors covering their building!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Teddy and Remy Ruxspin (friends forever)

I found out yesterday that Remy has died..right after we left our old house at 2555 Bryant Street @24th street. he was the best cat in the universe. i feel priviledged to have known this cat and I can't help but wonder if he died of broken heart. On the last day our roomate Eric (Remy's owner) had moved everything out of his place and the only thing left to take with him was Remy. But Remy was hiding under the couch in our room. After much searching, Eric found him and took him and this was the last I saw of that big, orange furball. Eric loved Remy too.. we all did especially Teddy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monotonix at Death By Audio, W'burg, BK

I was super tired but still I dragged myself out the house to go and see Monotonix. The most memorable thing about the band is their stage antics which range from - setting fire to their symbols, mooning the audience, crowd surfing whilst playing their instruments (the instruments such as drums surf with them!) and emptying trash cans over each other's heads whilst playing.

The drummer looks like across between Ali G and Borat... i overheard other people at the show remarking on the similarity as well !!! Here is with lighter fluid on his cymbals and gold chains.. the whole band plays in shorts.