Monday, November 12, 2007

Peace in the Big A by my friend Nick Edwards.

This was a picture sent to me by an old friend of mine called Nick. Nick is an expat-Brit who like myself, found themselves living in this strange country - although not for much longer since Nick is returning to the motherland with his wife Maria. Nick is a very smart, greek-speaking, pen toting, music lovin'dude who is a huge Robyn Hitchcock fan. I'm only too happy that we are back in touch!
What I love about this photograph is that the television looks like it's floating in space with an apple on top of it. It's also great to see a photo of Nick after all this time and see that as far as I can tell he hasn't changed one bit. Nick is the author of The Rough Guide to Indiaand I will hopefully get to meet up/travel with Nick on his next visit to India in January... stay tuned for more!

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