Saturday, December 01, 2007

Church on the UWS.

Varg Vikernes would hate me for posting this
after his picture, I'm sure...but there's beauty
in both. What would be interesting would be
to perform the Daudi Baldrs inside a church with
a full orchestra.

On my way to the Carlsbad Shul to attend a Kaballah class given by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, I pass this church with stunning windows and ornate carvings. It really stands out to me in on a cold and damp winters night. The stain glass windows are celestial and remind me of planets in orbit.

It turns out the church was the earliest Baptist congregation in the US and dates from 1753 - it's at corner of Broadway and W. 79th street.

If the Vikings had succeeded in their conquest of the Americas this church would probably not exist and Varg would be happy. (Must go and watch the movie Beowulf).

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