Monday, November 17, 2008

Gosh how strange...

how incredibly strange it is to be back in england. i only wish things were moving faster on several planes. i have far too much time on my hands to think at the moment. leaving nyc was traumatic to say the least, i miss it but as i was speaking with a sociology professor friend recently, we both agreed it was a fairly brutal place. this is not to say that i don't miss it however.. especially my fun loving friends there. i would like to try and visit soon since i hardly go out these days. most of my friends here are married or suffering from incurable mental illness and will not leave their houses. sad but true.

if only i had a tardis i could be anywhere within a split second and all my fretting over where to live would be over for i could live in my tardis which would be deceptively large on the inside and step out of it at any given moment into a completely new place.

so, i've decided to get back into buddhism, i think it is a saving grace and possibly the only way i can process everything that has happened over the past number of years. it will also help me live more in the present which is a constant struggle for the human psyche and mine in particular.

if the lack of job situation persists i think i should go to a buddhist monastery and attain new levels of realisation. i cannot think if a better use of my time at present.

the other thing i thought about doing was volunteering to work in an orphanage in peru.

new photos of england to follow..

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