Monday, September 18, 2006

at bangkok international airport - don mueng

after feeling down today i decided to treat myself to an ice-cream and then a foot massage. i was walking around the sula daeng area and down came a sudden down pour. i had already ate lunch at a lebanese restaurant near to the sky train entrance..the falafel i ate there was ok - but a bit small compared to one's i've had before.
when the rain happened i was waiting under a shop massage shop awning so i decided to give it a go. i turns out that all the massuese were men -i'm not sure why!
anyway, it lasted about an hour, was very professional and sometimes painful. my feet and lower legs were needed, slapped, pressed and bent into relaxation. sometimes it tickled a bit.. other times it actually hurt. i even got a free hand and arm massage. i had to ask them to avoid my tattoo (which is healing well) which is in the process of scabbing up. when i was told it would scab up - i thought it would be like a usual scab from dried blood.. but this one is from dried ink. i was worried my tattoo would just peel off but it seems to still be there underneath. i have to resist the strong urge to pick at it.

it was quite funny when the masseuse next me working on another lady looked at my tattoo and said 'sexy'. it really cracked me up!

the massage cost 250 baht and it was well worth it. so was the ice-cream i got from
baskin robbins - one scoop of baskin robbins and one scoop - cookies and cream.

i just me up with chris the guy i sat next to on the plane. it was a nice send off from bangkok. i went to meet him in the gaysorn district at a swanky hotel where he was taking part in an educational seminar. the porter's even carried my luggage up to the ballroom on the fourth floor. i wish there had been a ball.. it was a recruitment fair for business degree programs. we went to a restaurant opposite the hotel. they had a vegetarian menu. .. the food was pretty good and the service excellent and i had an interesting chat with chris who has lived in bangkok for 2.5 years and speaks quite good thai.

the taxi on the way here.. tried it on with the story about having to switch off the meter when he left the city of bangkok. i was firm though and told him he could let me out if he didn't leave the meter on. it cost 151 baht plus the 60 baht toll. he wanted to charge me 500 baht (no meter). i can't believe the cheek of the taxi drivers... if you are firm with them - they usually give in.

i packed the 'buddhas' i got at suan lum night bazaar, lumpini park in my check-in luggage. apparently the thai authorities don't like people taking buddha images out of the country to be used as ornaments (according to chris)..

i have to dash now or i will miss my flight.. i can't wait for the day when they have inflight (free) internet access.. not a moment too soon!

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