Monday, September 11, 2006

wat yai and wat nang phaya, phitsanulok, thailand

i went back to visit wat yai again today. there was an old man busking outside the temple for money. i walked around the courtyard and saw many beautiful buddha statues.

the golden buddhas around the main gompa (temple). there must be around 50 in total..

i noticed people shaking incense inside a can which made a rattling sound in front of the huge golden buddha in the main gompa.

i asked the people at the shop where i could find phrasong kie and they told me he was sleeping. then they phoned him up! but i didn't want them to disturb him since monks have to get up at 5am every day for morning meditation. so i spoke briefly to him and said i didn't want to disturb the abbot if he was sleeping too. i was actually relieved not to have meet the abbot.. because i wasn't sure of the proper etiquette but it would have been nice to have received a blessing from him which may have brought me luck!

as i was walking around the cloisters looking at them who should appear but ajahn kie. we had a nice conversation about buddhism and world politics and feminism. he gave me a book called: 'being dharma - the essence of buddha's teachings' by ajahn chah. i have some of his books at home in bakewell - but not this one.

phrasong kie

a monk lighting the giant candles in front of the giant buddha before evening prayers

the monks chanting in pali at the evening service

i have to run and catch my train to chaing mai now.

a helpful station gaurd with 2 street dogs who had taken up residence at the station and had the duty of chasing away rats and stray cats

i also met 2 nice people at the exercise machines by the river - one lady was a statistics teacher and a school girl who was holding a book about mr. bean which is how we started talking. they both wanted to have their picture taken with me and we exchanged email addresses.


Eve said...

I'm so envious of your travels! Will you be going to the southern part of Thailand? If so, I know of a great secluded island. Very peaceful. And electricity is only at night from the generators.

dawa said...

hi eve, thanks for your comment! i wish how i wish i had longer to travel around thailand.. such a beautiful country! i only have a short time left because i have to san francisco and move out of my appartment and most likely to new york!... so to answer your question - i will not be able to travel south on this trip but in the future yes. i would love to know the island you're talking about. are the people friendly there? if you want you can also email me: dawachan atsign gmail dot com. cheers! i like your blog - i admire your honesty!