Saturday, September 02, 2006

froggat show

all the little towns and villages in england have country shows. they mostly take place in summertime when the weather is better. it did rain though at this one!

my grandma grew up here and we bumped into my great uncle clifford and great aunt barbara at the show.

the highlight of the show for me was the vegetable competition.. it was like something straight out of the wererabbit!!

extremely large leeks: note the relative size compared to my hand!

check out the massive onions

here's the trophy that the four large onions won!

huge cabbages..

giant lettuce..don't let the bunnies see it!

giant marrows

here's the trophies that you could win. one of them - the 'morton trophy' is named after my great grandfather!


i love the little picnic!

wallace wearing the 'wrong trousers' and the evil penguin disguised as a rooster

grommit and shawn the sheep awhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

the wererabbit... (i'm surprised any of the vegetables were left!)

the children's entries to the competition were extremely cute...

my great aunty barbara (uncle clifford's wife) and her granddaughter - who would be my second cousin (i think!)

my great uncle clifford (my nannan's youngest brother) and some homegrown tomatoes

there is always some sort of brass or silver band at the show. now they have full drum kits. may be one day i can play with a big band!

the band conductor.

pony riding competition

there was a magician/entertainer doing a ventriloquist act

me pretending to ride a tractor

old cars

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