Monday, September 11, 2006

the unfriendliness of the westerners in thailand

the following post might be due to the fact i'm cranky and emotional because i had to leave phitsanolok and take an 8 hour over night train to chiang mai but
i'm not looking forward to going back either to england or america... i have had a really nice experience here with the thai people - they are very warm and friendly - but not the westerners... some of them are quite cold. at least in india they tend to be friendlier and band together because india is perhaps a more hair-raising place. here the urban westerners behave much like they do at home - very snooty and self focussed, not very open at all and are in stark contrast to the thais. it's quite painful actually. i rode the train here and just arrived now in chiang mai and these 2 austrailian girls were so rude/unfriendly to me. i bumped into them first at the phitsanolok station, then we were in the same car on the train and then i bumped into them in the toilets when we arrived and at the hostel reservations desk in the station and each time time same attitude. i had flashbacks of when i was at school and other girls would whisper and laugh amongst themselves but not talk to you.... they make you feel like you are an outcast or freak or there's something wrong with you. they wouldn't even tell me the name of the guest house they were staying at when i asked them- can you believe it?? by sheer coincidence it turned out that we ended up going to the same guest house and when i got out of my tuk tuk - there's rolled up and i said hi and this one girl said nothing but turned to her friend and laughed! ... so i snapped.. and said 'there's no need to be so unfriendly'. they both just looked at me. so i took the tuk tuk to another guest house. i hope i never run into those two again.

it makes me dread going back to the west though - and all the petty bullshit and competitiveness and unfriendliness... . america, england or australia or bangkok - the travellers scene or the westernized-thais. they all suffer from the same disease.
(correction: i did meet some really nice people on the plane - the TM guy and the girl from near glastonbury with the kid whose father was thai and the english couple on the river taxi - oh and the new zealand dude in kanchanaburi) in india though i met nice people on trains.

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