Monday, September 11, 2006

the bus journey going north from bangkok

phitsanulok and wat yai, thailand

i got to ride the disco-boogie bus again yesterday, after spending the night in the fancy hotel i went the bus terminal (walked) and waited for an hour to get on the so-called 'local bus'. this one even had a karaoke video playing and flashing coloured lights - but the lights only come on after dark. individual speakers ran the length of the bus and each one had a different manga character on it.

the disco-boogie bus i rode with the karaoke video

the manga characters on the bus' speakers

the first leg of the journey was about 3 hours to nakhon sawan. i went to grab a bit to eat (pad se euw) at a restaurant near the bus terminal and then came back to purchase my next bus ticket to pitsanulok.

photos of the 'disco boogie bus'
the inside of the D.B.B - when it's dark the disco lights go on.

during the stop over in nakhon sawon loads of buses came and went - many full of western tourists on their way to chaing mai from bangkok. i was glad i wasn't on one of those buses.

each bus in thailand comes with a ticket collector/host(ess) and one in particular stood out. she a tall transexual in what looked like an air stewardess uniform.. she was attracting quite alot of attention from the thai people. i thought she was cool and asked if i could take her picture.

the lady boy (name for transexual in thailand) bus hostess at the nagon sawon bus terminal. would it be man girl for an F to M?

nagon sawan bus terminal shops

after a long wait a double-decker air conditioned bus rolled up and it only took an hour to phitsanulok. on the way there i passed waterlogged fields growing rice from the recent monsoon rains and some huge roadkill. it looked almost like an ostrich or it could have been a dog, but it was past saving.

waterlogged rice fields i passed on my journey going north from bangkok

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