Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my ailments

last night i just returned from a really nice meal at the garden city restaurant on lol kroa rd. when i had to run to the toilet. i had a really bad attack of 'bangkok belly'.. i just ate breakfast and my stomach is gurgling and pardon my explicitness but i now have the ali g dilemma of whether it is solid or something else.

i also have multiple bites. i'm not sure what's biting me as it's nothing i can see. there are no mosquitos in my room - there are insect meshes in my window and i actually haven't seen a single mosquito since i've been in thailand! on my right elbow and arm are these tiny, rough bumps that i can't even pick to remove. i don't know if it's a heat rash but i can't think how my elbow could have got so hot to get heat rash when it's nowhere else on my body. i only hope i don't have leprosy!

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