Monday, September 18, 2006

i'm back in bangkok after taking the 14 hour night train from chaing mai.. i am absolutely knackered and daunted at the thought of leaving thailand. i'm just not ready to... i am homesick yes - but i don't know where home is.. i'm not homesick for england exclusively, nor america or san francisco. i certainly don't look forward to moving to new york just yet.

i feel sad i didn't hear more from people back home whilst away especially the guy i was seeing for a year and a half prior to going away. you can be intimate with someone but still remain strangers. this to me is very strange.

i have a lot more photos to post of my trip and more to write- the internet connection here is too slow.. and i think i need to sleep more than anything else anyway.. and prepare myself for the 14 hour plane journey back to the uk tonight. i will pick up where i left off later.

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